Thursday, January 26, 2012

Queen of Effing Everything

She is like a Queen of Effing Everything.

Over-complaining on her relationship with her Mom and elder sister, she never show her respect to her Mom by showing her words full of anger in social media. She screws her college life. She screws other's relationship while she already has a very handsome boyfriend. What is in her thought is only how to make her wooly boyfriend happy by seducing him through dirty words publicly. She bought expensive cosmetics just to pamper her mood. She puts it into her face which doesn't fit quite well and yet she is still complaining about it. She curses a lot. She complains about her job while people out there struggling to find one.

You better do not let people know your poor life through your tweets.

I honestly don't want to judge you, but I am judging you right now. What is actually good in you? Don't you have something to be proud of?

Oh. I remember, you have you-think-you-are-sexy body to be shown off.

Get a life.