Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Déjà vu

April 3, 2012

I will make it short. Everything is getting weird in my life.

I just experienced too many déjà vu in the past four weeks. 
It happened to me periodically, every one or two days, something always suddenly comes up in my head and it is again, déjà vu. I feel like I have already experienced one moment. No, it is not like that. I already know it would be happened. 

Since it happens quite often recently, I always try to write it when I dream of something, it is more like a glimpse, not clear. I write it and then I just wait until when it would be happened. 

It is scary but true, it will happen. In the next one or two months, three or four months. 

All of these personal experiences (so far) are related to my friends, colleagues, boyfriend, the ambience of my home at Bogor, and the ambience of daily office. 

I never dream about something horrible like disasters or.. you mention.. something bad, perhaps. 


It is daily activities, it is regular thing but I have dreamt it before. And I start to doubt whether is it a déjà vu or not. 

Déjà vu is more like we have the feeling that we have experienced a moment. In my case, I have dreamt it before it happens. But another source said that the "previous" experience is most frequently attributed to a dream, although in some cases there is a firm sense that the experience has genuinely happened in the past. 

Been thinking about this lately and I am confused whether I am talking about the past or the future right now. 

I don't ask you to believe me, it is simply for the sake of my personal record. I surely encounter new thing in my life. Everything wouldn't be the same again.

If I can say.. 

help me?