Thursday, April 12, 2012

His Daughter

So I have this kind of Dad. 
He is always taking the time to understand and hear whatever I was trying to express.
I yell at him, He yells at me.
I mad at him, He loves me more.
He knows my pain, my burdens, my untold stories.
He knows my feelings somehow even I never told him.
He protects me like no one of any man in this world could do that for me.
He is always being there with his support and encouragement. 
He is not sensitive person who easily gets hurt or insulted by others' words.

He once said, love me more than any man you know. 
I answered, I do.
He once said, find the right man who respects you, hugs you, tells that he loves you as often as he can.
I answered, I will.
He once said, never trust any man except me with burst of warm laughter.
I answered, I do.
He once said, you will find the one who can replace me and be with you as your husband.
I answered, I will.
He once said, If you have even a dot of doubt, you have the right to choose.
I answered, I hear. 

Wonderful Father of a girl could ever have
Special to be his daughter.