Monday, April 9, 2012

Understanding Introverts

I always curious how every introvert person survives in an extrovert's world by staying inside and calm.   Each person should be having different style facing their life, right? I also always wonder when they have a different perspective and a different approach to the world.

How they find their strength?
How they find their best friends?
How they live their love life?
How they interact with people around them with rich personalities?
How they re-charge their energy?
How they spend their time wisely?

I believe we are all as introverted people could learn from every book we read, from every discussion we attend.

A good new friend and also a writer, Larry Dignan assisted us by collecting some great books on living life as an introvert. You may find advice on everything related to introversion with a great hope to achieve better understanding of our own personality type and find some useful guidance to live our life as our own self and not being others.

If you have spare time, you may find Larry's article very interesting 11 Books Introvert Should Read.

Happy reading :)