Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life As An Introvert: Shy But Powerful

So basically I try to change my personality. I want to be more extrovert but I feel so exhausted mentally and physically. Hurl jokes, talk to many people, get in touch with strangers. Dementor in true life. I know I have a quiet, inner strength. I believe that I can survive in an extrovert's world by staying "inside".

Shy, quiet, dreamy introvert who avoids the extrovert's world of parties, bars and clubs, drama groups and social sidelines of sport clubs or the office. Yes, that's the true me, but I am not being fake when I am in real life. I socialize. I do socialize. But I am easily get tired, not like the extroverts who get their true strength by staying with people, I need my me-time. I need to recharge. I don't talk on phone, it doesn't mean that I can't, but I avoid direct interaction. I am not passive entities, I just have different perspectives about everything, and a different approach to the world.

What I do for surviving in this extrovert's world, I find my strength in a very small group of best friends. It is an intimate strength.

I am a very good listener while all the extroverts loves to be the center of attention of the chat group, barely hearing or responding to others, I listen and learn. I am observer from afar. If you want someone to compare a range of opinions and offer a philosophical interpretation of the meaning of life, ask me. I can explain you the whole night. I don't like people amaze and develop surprising respect for the "mousy" being at me. Here lies the strengths of selflessness and patient consideration.

I am a quiet achiever, as an introvert, of course, while the extrovert is busy advertising all the wonderful effort he/she has done, the introverts are probably already doing the job. When something needs to be done, I prefer to spend my self alone without talking, put my ear phone listening to classical music and just do it. They say, many geniuses, in the fields of art and research science, in particular, are introverts but it's not about one group only, I believe it's just an opinion from certain people that we are introverted persons are the geniuses. However, I believe loads of extroverts are geniuses with their ability to talk, to express, to think. It's just not fair to raise up the word "genius" for one particular personal characteristic.

And yet, I feel it in myself, in an emergency, when a life may be threatened, you may be surprised that the quick-thinking response may just come from an introvert.

In fashion, I am a subtle dresser. Loud colors, sensual lines, and out of space styles are not mine, I believe it's not all the introverts' too. I prefer to be known for my inner good, thus it may take a little time and perhaps patience to really get to know an introvert.

I am a home person. I love to stay at home. I don't like clubbing. Home is introvert's spiritual space and sanctuary.

In home-decorating, I love neutral tones, it's graceful for me, but there may be a display of ancient African statuettes or modern art pieces or wall to wall full of books on a huge range of topics. Maybe there's a nook for me to read the books. Candles and oil burners are everywhere, flowers, chic things. A zen garden may grace my home. Oh, here is the heart of my introvert kingdom, the source of my strength in an extrovert world.

Many friends said to me that I am the powerful presence in the social world. I refuse it but somehow I admit it. They call this is the power of the quiet ones.

You may search a song called "Shy", played by a young guitarist, Kieran Murphy. There is a soft strength in the flow of the music. Kieran is a quiet achiever. He explained this amazing string of awards and touring commitments beyond Australia simply and quietly, no grand-standing. It just happened.

You may surprise of the power of us, introverts.