Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Dearests

Dearest Grandparents,

Last night, when I was alone in my square, I remember both of you.
I think about you all the time and everyday it's getting hurt to cry.
So many things happened in my life since you've passed away,
I am not so sure how hard to try and struggle by my own.

I feel alone and tears were falling,
In the same time, I laugh but I cry deep down inside.
My heart hurts everyday.
I think about your beautiful smile and kind hugs,
That I pray to see you someday, even in a shortest dream.

The sweet smell of your perfume has slowly faded away
But all of your helpful teachings and wise words are always in my heart to stay.
Since the day you passed away, I never have a courage to come to your room.
It hurts to the very core.

I can't express how much I love you both,
I can't explain.
I am a woman without words.
I can only remember you and my love is pure.

So many hearts were broken, mine is the worst.
The day God called you home.
It seems as thought each one of us were left to survive alone.

I know there must be a reason that you had to leave.
To keep us in your watchful eyes, so now in God I really do believe.
Take care there, I wish you both were with me when I am living my life in a full bloom.
I miss you.
I do really miss you.


You know I love you too much.