Monday, June 18, 2012

I Really Cared

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

How are you?
I hope both of you are fine. I am fine here.

I never be brave enough to go back to your bedroom. I don't know why but somehow it hurts.
I wonder where you keep your wings, are they hung in your closet with the rest of your things?
I know for sure you have wings like in the movies, for this must be true,
because God always gives them to angels just like you.

It has been five months since the day you passed away, Grandma. And it's been eighteen years since the day God called you home, Grandpa.
I lost two people I care most and it feels like an eternity to me.
I wish you had stayed with me. I wish I could share my stories with you.

I long to hear your voices say my name and hold my hand as you both always had.
My heart aches so bad. I know you would say, please don't be sad.
But, I still sit and wonder, if you both knew I was here and how much I really cared.

I will go to your graves before my departure, to say good bye for the second time that I will move for good.

I love you.