Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mixed Feelings

I whispered to the winds to say goodbye. For my entire life and for the sake of one single word's meaning, I floated through empty space between good memories. I would never whisper a word goodbye to you all. Our friendship strengthen my being. Sadly, the message never reached you. And by the time I will never find the strength to say the words I wish to speak.

It is the time I left for good. I know I am unnecessary now, in the sense that I wish to be necessary again. I guess, in the end, the emptiness was all I'd left with me.

Thank you for your prayers, supports, and kind words. Thank you for trusting me and choosing me as your best friend.

I may have new friends, but our endless laughter, longest chats, tears, and beautiful times shared are simply priceless.

It is okay you won't see me again in the short time, but I wish you that you will always remember our good time together in here. I am probably too shy to start the talks, but please don't be a stranger.

And it hurts if I ever lose you as my best friends.

Good luck in here. I am pretty sure we can meet again. So, let's try not to get too emotional now because I really don't think I could handle it anymore.

Starting now, my life would be a complete different story. I wish you celebrate it with me. I will keep you in my special niche of my heart and in my mind. Thus, I will remember you for whatever I will become in the future.

I am gonna miss you. You won't miss me but I will.