Sunday, July 22, 2012

24 Hours

Don't take someone for granted just because you know every time you push them away, they'd always come running back, 'cause one day they won't.
Eventually you will understand.
Seriously, I hate you. 
Oh really nice to see you. What's your name again? Oh noted.
Yeah will spend a time to meet you guys here, but I don't feel like socialising. 
I hope you read some fine books.
Eh, how are you? I've been thinking of you.
God Dammit Typo!
Make it straight! 
Oh, that's cool. So we can keep it for the future, right? 
I was dying that night. I nearly committed suicide. No, I am kidding. Y u so serious?
Puffy eyes, shit.
You are such an asshole, girl.
Slut with pimples everywhere. 
Did I mention slut? Seriously I can't say that. But, slut! You are the sluttiest slut in this slutniverse.
Do you want to take me to Thailand? Even for free dude, over my dead body. 
The quick brown fox jumped to a dead dog.
Evolution exists. Karma exists. I won't bother.
I miss my Mom Dad.
This red wine is so good. Hmm, this cold starts to kill me.
Too scared to be alone. Too scared to open up.
Oh, so, your college girl friend dropped a message? Happy?
Four guys. Please I need to be alone.
Can't sleep. Always eat. Lost 2 kgs. How come?
Good morning, let's go to the expo. 
So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 
I do really want to kill that Thai bitch with my own hands.
Another sleepless night. Why?
Happy, just had quality time talking with them.
This is really good.
Stop. staring. at. me. I. don't. even. have. huge. boobs. yet. wearing. mini. transparent. skirt. 
Didn't I wear any bra? Why are you staring me like that? 
I must write something. I will collect it. 
So, all the documents are set. 
It hurts. I wish you know it. 
Still hurts. I feel like baby elephant sitting on my chest.
I need to breathe. 
Shit, ghosts!
Can I have that beer? No, I am kidding. I don't drink. Coke please.
I am mixed. Indonesian-Chinese-Dutch. You're the first one telling me that I am Japanese. 
Egyptian? Do I look like Egyptian? Do you know what Egyptian looks like? Do you know where Egypt is? 
I think I miss my best friends
Be at peace, not in pieces
This year is going to be a little chaotic for me except my study. The thing that I will be okay is my study. 
Damn, my legs are hurt
I will definitely see thoroughly if you are worth enough to be fought for. It's the last chance.