Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Can't Trust Your Feelings

We are prone to trust our feelings. However I believe they are not a good guide for us to decide something. Feelings are irrational and not accurate.

There are so many factors affect someone's feelings, such as:
If we are tired or sick, we tend to be in negative mode.
This is why doctors help all the women to recognise and treat PMS.
Events and The Circumstances of Our Life
If you find anything wrong, you probably feel overwhelmed and inadequate.
Depends on the rollercoaster feelings. If we're in love, we feel so happy. On the other hand, if a relationship breaks up, we feel depressed.
It depends on the individual him(/her)self. Some people feel so happy when it's sunny, some people feel so negative when it's cloudy or rainy. Mine? I am emotionally attached with rainy days :)
The Way We're Being Treated
It depends on you in treating me. Are you careless? Are you rude?
Actions At The Time
If we do something good, we feel so good about ourselves and if we've hurt someone's feelings, we may feel regret.

It is just a feeling and it is your yesterday's feeling, don't react and respond based on your feeling alone, use your mind. But always check your thoughts are accurate as well.