Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Month: Stay Strong

Living away from our home country could be an unforgettable experience. It is a tempting opportunity for people that could lead to gain a lot of useful experiences and valuable knowledge. In the same time, living abroad can be a daunting experience and it has very important effects on someone's life.

It has been a full-packed month since I moved to Singapore. At the same time, it would be my new experience and memorable days, but through this period of time these will not be ordinary days anymore. More or less, it changes my personality and daily habit.

The major effect and also a very common one, is I miss everything back in my home country. It doesn't mean that I am not happy living in here but I am more aware of being on my own. I am not talking the huge events or sort of it, even the little details that I miss so much. I miss sitting on my backyard every weekends watching TV alone with my Dad and having a very nice chat with my Mom make me realise how valuable they are. I miss my car, bed, and my bathroom. I miss the people in my life. I miss talking with my closest yet dearly loved ones. I miss traditional foods in my home country where I cannot find any in here.

The saddest one is I have to accept the new type of society and culture into my daily life. Since I live in a place with different customs and traditions, I have to be able to develop myself in uncertainties. This means making new friends, learning other point of view, accepting different opinions and values, and capturing every opportunity I have to go to new places and conditions.

And it is hard for an introvert like me. I have to socialise. It kills me.

They said I need to socialise to ease me if I want to get a job later on. It's non sense. Friends could not be so kind-hearted to give us opportunity to get a job. Everything is on our own. I may agree that everyone needs networking to know so many people out there and so forth but I don't agree if people told me that I have to socialise to get a job. It's bullshit. People compete.

On the bright side, by pushing myself to a very completely new environment, I am able to achieve true knowledge because it is not affected to those who built my character since I was a kid. I got my own values. Since long time a go, I choose people who can be close to me. It is not picky or something like that but I have the right which one who can enter to my life. I have the right to disclose everything to the people I choose carefully. That's why I am not quite comfortable in socialising because I am an observer from a far and I choose (quietly) people who I want to befriend with.

I am also very firm in holding my life values. So, don't expect me to change my mind in seconds. However, I change those that I believe could be improved for my own good. For some people, the most significant effect of living away from my home is the independent behaviour that grows inside of you. Yes it is true, but for me, I am living by my own feet since I was in high school. Thus, for that independent part, I have no problem with it. I just simply miss my closest ones. Since this is up to me, I am responsible enough to do house-cleaning, organise expenses, learn hard for my school, etc. I have a good and strong responsibility to my life. I also believe that being independent and responsible will help me to get through every goal I want to achieve. It is not ambitious, it is way of life.

However, I need to make important note on my health. The weather in Singapore is too extreme, hot, yet humid. It is easily to make you get sick. For the first month, I got tens of migraine, easily get exhausted because I need to walk to every place, and I got cold so often. I am still in not a good condition today when I am writing this blog. Just wish me a good health. I need it. I even add my portion of meal just to give me more energy. I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and juices. I choose healthy life to make me fit.

So, living far from home can be really hard at the beginning but I have to remember that all changes are difficult, but they are necessary to build my character even stronger. It helps me to appreciate everything I have. I am grateful enough that I am given the opportunity to pursue my Master's degree in here. I believe it is worth to do and I will share the joy for every achievement I will get in the future with you.

Meanwhile, stay strong. Work hard for a cause, not for applause. Stay quiet yet humble. You don't need people know about you in details. Live on your own and your loved ones. It is enough.
You are doing good, Kate.