Monday, August 27, 2012

Lee Seung Gi: Live in Singapore 2012

I got a chance to go to Korean Superstar Lee Seung Gi concert in Singapore because of my sister, Devi, who is apparently falling in love too much to Seung Gi Oppa. She bought two tickets, so I could accompany her. The most interesting part was, the concert was very entertaining. It was not like usual concert with two hours full packed singing. It was merely like a show, the organiser added some interactive quizes for the fans and also showed several scenes from Seung Gi's TV series. So basically, we can know who Lee Seung Gi is in a very personal way. The fans are crazy. Seriously. I never see so many women running around, yelling so hard like that. They are seriously falling in love with their Superstar.

Another thing that I want to capture is when a man made a wish. He asked Lee Seung Gi to sing a song titled "Will you marry me?" for his girlfriend in front of the crowd, until the girl started to cry and say "Yes!". I will share the video with you (but I have to go to the class right now), will let you know.

Well, I think I could not say more. The show was fun. But, honestly, I am not quite into Korean hype but I enjoyed the concert so much. For all the Seung Gi Oppa lovers (Official Lee Seung Gi Fans Club: Airen, especially), here we go.

My eldest sister, Devi.

She simply cannot move on :P
PS: For more pictures, do click here.