Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Start in 2013

Hi everyone,

I hope your 2013 is off to a very good start. What I want to cover today is about self-kindness. It is very close to my heart because it means a lot for me. By being kinder towards myself I have become happier, more effective and motivated and it has helped me to become kinder and better in my relationships with others.

People prone to feel no good about themselves, if you think that your self-esteem is a bit low or you beat yourself up regularly when making a mistake then you still have a chance to not to do so.

There are certain habits that you can follow within yourself to become more self-reliant and stronger through life's ups and downs.

Change your input to the things that are kind and constructive. 

Destructive messages from the people around you or from media, advertising and society does not help you to be kind to yourself. For example, you are not accepting yourself as a sexy tanned girl because you believe white represents beauty or maybe you think that "fat" is somehow a crime because being skinny is gorgeous, men like it. Wrong, period.

You can change your habit by focusing on relationships to our friends or others. It could be encouragement to your friends and family or helping someone close who has been in a misfortune situation. It could be a practical development books and blog-walking that help you out with real solutions to the challenges you face and goals to achieve. You may learn a lot from others. There are so many kind people out there. It also could be spending more time in nature and in silence to relax and recharge yourself.

Give yourself a break.

Sometimes we always want to be win towards everything. That may sound inspirational yet so Spartan in theory. But reality is not ideal or perfect and neither are you and I. Life gets in the way sometimes. You may get in your way and sometimes you simply don't have the energy to do something.

It's okay.

Instead of trying to live up to some perfect image that other people may press upon you, choose to set human standards for yourself. Gods' works are theirs, we have our own.

Choose to give yourself a break when things don't go as you may have wished and choose to cut yourself some slack. Instead of beating yourself mercilessly.

At least these two points help me the most. I hope they will do it on you.