Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thing Beyond Sex: Mental Telepathy In Love Relationship

As you may have been aware, I am very interested in everything related to self-development, personal relationship with others, human behaviour and so forth. It comes to a huge interest in the topic related to telepathy between one to another. If we talk about telepathic between mother and daughter/son, it sounds logically correct but how about lovers? They are two different people, they have been raised in two different families, different environment, different point of view, you name it.

Today's experiences of mine just gave me an insight that we are all ridiculously telepathic into someone. I am always asking the tips for learning telepathy because I have a... quite excellent telepathy with my Mom. I know if there is something wrong happened, I just know. Somehow I know when people lie to me or the reasons behind their attitude. I just.. always know. I told this to my Mom years ago about this kind of connection. She believes that it is a talent and somekind of a sixth sense.

However, I believe it is too much to be called a "sixth sense". I think.. it is more really about remembering how to tap into our inner sense. It really takes an incredible amount of effort to deny we are all intuitive as well and as often as we do. We need to sharpen this skills.

Nowhere is telepathic evidence better proven than in a close love relationship, they say. Personally, I have found this to be a mixed blessing.

For example, how often during a disagreement one of us has said, "You say....., but I know that what you really mean is.......". or...

"I am about to say it!!! Apparently we have the same thoughts!"

We are convinced that we know the inner mind and heart of our loved one. I am not disputing that we may indeed know the true intentions of what our loved one is thinking. There are a couple ways that can lead us down the wrong path however.

It can happen that we are using mental telepathy reading our loved one's subconscious or unconscious thoughts. This happens on an uncanny number of occasions. Although the concept may "ring a bell" for our partner when we verbalise it, there may be plenty of room for denial on their part. I believe it is quite natural and legitimate, since until it is true for the person themselves, it simply is not true. This can be a hard lesson for two people to aware of each other's words or thoughts, as they may be trying very hard to practice validation of their perceptions.

One must remember though, that validation of one's ego is not the apparent purpose of a spiritual gift. Instead, we have more often seen that the purpose is to benefit others. Rarely, is it workable or beneficial to override someone's inner reality by asserting the correctness of our own. We certainly may suggest that our alternate perception be considered, but to assert that "this is so" is a type of violence on another's reality.

As emotional beings, we cannot help but to have our perceptions filtered through what we are feeling. This doesn't mean that our perceptions are invalid, but it may indicate that we can misinterpret what we are perceiving. One neglects this possibility at their own peril in interpersonal relationship. Particularly if we are in the grip of a "negative" emotions, i.e., anger, fear, grief or apathy, we are unlikely to have a truly accurate interpretation of any impressions we pick up from another. This is because these self-destructive emotions cloud thoughts(!) and of course telepathy is a function of mind.

What then, is the advantage of mental telepathy in relationship? Actually, based on my personal opinion, it means we are truly one in spirit. As spiritual beings, we are inescapably connected to one another. This is part of the omnipotence of spirit. If it is everywhere, then we must, necessarily be a part of it, and therefore, of each other.

As we are able to accept this truth, to allow ourselves to hear, to open our heart to someone, see and otherwise be aware of the unseen connections between each of us, these perceptions sharpen.

Particularly as we permit ourselves to know that each connection is that of love, the accuracy of our perceptions is enhanced.

It seems that as we elevate ourselves to a more spiritual awareness, pessimistic thinking tends to be riddled with inaccuracies. Optimism however, will far more often tend to be highly accurate, and will hold up to deeper scrutiny.

Therefore when we are believing in our loved one. I repeat, believing in our loved one, having faith in their love and goodness, our spiritual perceptions of them will likely be correct. Even if we are perceiving a "wrongness" of some sort, our faith and love will often present a solution at the same time that we become aware of the problem. This is one of those synchronistic things that we encounter so often on the spiritual path.

As close words, using your mental telepathy consciously can develop over time. Love is what makes it safe to open ourselves to be heard on the inner levels and to reach out to another to listen to what is in their hearts.

Believe your partner, it sharpens and strengthens everything.

PS: I did my reading from circle of light. Thanks!