Monday, January 7, 2013

You Were Kinda Cute, 2012

2012 went by entirely too quickly. I know it's already January 7, but I am just connected with a speedy internet connection to spill everything out of my mind.

2012, I have explored. I went out. I don't hate to be introvert but getting a life is cooler rather than praising my ego. So, let us see what happened for the past year.

My loveliest Grandma passed away and it still left a huge hole in my heart. I got a scholarship and started my master degree in Singapore, which is absolutely nuts on so many levels. Never did I think I'd make it this far but I made it in first semester *yay.

I made up for all the good decisions I spent many years making and finally let it go. I slowly but surely became that girl who has been miserable. Hard. I forgot how excruciatingly terrible those feelings can feel. I can't imagine being treated that way for even a few seconds longer after 2011. I moved on.

I turned to be 25. I made some really startling decisions about life and am quite likely NOT to regret them days after. I was more positive and I like it. I learnt how to let go and made mistakes and stopped thinking so damn much. I learnt how to relax. I stopped stressing and caring about the things that don't matter.

I devoted more time to myself, my friends, my family and my hobbies. I worked my ass off a little more than usual when it comes to school.

I moved on and breathe. I am much, much, much better me.

Lots of job opportunities. Rock on my GPA. I grew up a lot. I met many new friends. I conquered one of my hardest semester. I stumbled through a few awkward dates.

Feel less weighed down, undoubtedly solved some of the problems. I feel as if I am in a kind of renaissance through the next cycle.

It ended up with a good thing. I finally met someone in the end of this year. I am happy. This past months really allowed us to bond immensely. So thankful for great friends, family, and these 2012 moments.

I still have a whole lot of people to meet. I have lots of places to go. I have many things to be and things to do.

I surely spend my a half of year to finish my graduate school. We will see what life offers me for another six months. My next goals are to sharpen my skills because it is always a good thing when we are expert on something. Perseverance, to achieve my life goals, and last but not least to balance my professional life and personal dreams with him.

Live light and be light :)