Friday, February 15, 2013

Learning from Yoda

I got to say I am pretty excited about the news of new Star Wars movies and so for the past few weeks I found one quote from Yoda that I got it from positivity blog belongs to Henrik:

Do or do not.. there is no try..

It is a helpful reminder because when you tell yourself and or someone else that you will try, you are in an experience more likely to give up or just stop when the first obstacle shows up.

When the inevitable obstacles that always show up start to block your path, you will say this. I will try.

However, smooth sailing with no problems at all is pretty rare. By making a clear choices to do or not do something, and putting power behind those choices, you are more likely to actually get things done and succeed.

What you have to do is only following through. My personal tip is..

Tell your loved ones or best friends that you will do something. This can light a fire under you and help you to put more power and commitment into following through. But, don't do it in Facebook crowd. I don't know maybe I am just that introvert, I don't dare to put my personal life on Facebook.

I always put it in my personal journal dan I always check regularly and of course, review each week (even each day in my case). Spending a few minutes reviewing how my week has gone and what actions I have taken is something that has helped me to feel more accountable to myself and my plans lately. Oh I feel in heaven when put a "check" mark on my goals.

And somehow it is getting me to be more motivated.

I hope it works on you as it really works on me.

Go find a happy life!