Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When it is difficult to balance it

They say, there are two types of relationships, one of passion and one of contentment and from there, it is all about creating the balance.

When you meet, it's all about the passion. As relationship develops, the contentment side appears and we become more comfortable with our partner. This can be a good thing and a bad thing.

On the good side, we can know and understand them better, you know what you're having for dinner that night and you know if they like dark chocolate or milk chocolate. On the bad side, you may not be as sweet and loving as you were when you first met, you can sometimes take the other person for granted.

I wonder how to keep the passion going in the relationship. Again, they say, we need to be able to balance the passionate side with the contentment side to make sure that each side is getting its fair share.

When you first start dating, you can't get enough of the other person so you spend a lot of time together and that scale tips way over to the passion side. You tend to neglect friends and family and just want to spend all your time together. We need to be careful not to go too far down this path as we need to have our "alone time" and we need to have some time apart.

Remember the old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder?" it is true.

They say, passion is not just about sex either. It can be created through holding hands, snuggling on the couch, heart-to-heart talks, sleeping in each other's arms, anything that stimulates our senses. Touching is a powerful tool that shows the other person you care, you are there and you are loved.

Somehow we need to practice the art of touching, we won't even have to worry about how to keep the passion going in relationship, it will just be there naturally. And what could be more fulfilling than that?

As in my case, I live apart from him, we take the scale tips away to the contentment side and I don't want to it that way.

See you in three weeks time 'coz I really need to meet you.