Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life in the Beginning

In this occasion, I want to share a glimpse about what I felt and have done in the beginning of the year 2012. Start with my creativity, I feel like ideas run through my blood and brain like it won't stop. I make things, I create things, I practice lots of piano repertoires vigorously, I write, I cook, I knit, I sew, ah you mention. I also go through my days without too much expectations but I always try to do my best as good as I could be. What I remember the most everyday is just do good and make a good karma. You may aware that I have been writing about introversion recently. After sharing it with you all guys, I want to share my daily life of what has happened recently. 

I embrace the good feeling of he is coming back to Indonesia for good. Two weeks ago, we went to Singapore (January 5 - January 9) to pack all of his goods. I went there with his sister, Mom, and nephew. Something that I should be grateful for is, finally, I don't experience long-distance relationship anymore in my 24 years old life. Such a relieve. Moreover, I was emotionally sad seeing everything in Balmoral Three where he lived in Singapore. Half year ago, something worst in my life just happened in that condo and I can't tell you in here of what actually happened. It just broke my heart into pieces. Yes, bittersweet memories of my long distance relationship. However, I have intoxicated my memories and feelings. So, it should be fine. I just need to sit down and see of what will happen next. Hopefully, 2012 offers me some good news.

I take a chance to help my sisters to decor their new houses in Little India, nothing much happened but a joy. It is a very good feeling to decor a house with pretty furniture and tidy up a little bit. I spent days chatting, and laughing with them. I love you so much, sisters. 

Singapore Bittersweet Memories
I spent quality time with my sisters and also him and his friends. Overall, we just walked around, and did very usual activities. Nothing special happened as a holiday time though.

Singapore, again
Quite Changi
How The Words Can Express What's Your Feeling In The Best Way
Vivo City, Singapore
But there is something that I want to share. This is the cute part, I was strolling with my sister, Nina, to Vivo City, in Harbour Front. I forgot to check why are there so many colorful elephant statues there. But one pink elephant statue attracted me more. It's because the color for the first sight. Then, I read the words. You may see above :) I think I am sort of an elephant by memory. I can recall every memory emotionally logically in every important moment or even in several little things. So I couldn't miss the chance to take a picture with it. Love.

I also do another errand in Pioneer, Singapore. The result of going there may change my life. So, fingers crossed :) Let God do the rest, I have tried my best effort waiting and struggling to reach my dream. 

After went back to Jakarta, I am also back to my life which is totally different from the previous one. I have him beside me and hopefully we can run this relationship better and brighter. Hopefully. 

I am still the same person but I don't know why (like I previously have said), I feel more grateful, happier, and wiser. My mind is open widely, I don't love people hundred percent except my core family, I depend most on my logical thinking. I trust few, but I always want to do good to others no matter what happens (or has happened). And, I am interested in writing about personality, which I get attracted to the introversion. That's why I wrote several things related to that topic. I hope it could be very useful for everybody who read it or even inspire others. 

After my arrival in Jakarta, I also got my PC changed! :D after almost two years waiting. Everything seems getting better right now and I have a good feeling of what will come next in the office. 

My New PC at Office
I know it's a little bit random but I am happy running through my days. I know I can't talk with you directly and tell my stories, I am at my best when writing :)

And, I am excited facing Chinese New Year on next January 23! Gong Xi Fat Choi! Will update you with the pictures of the celebration.

Thanks for reading and hope you guys have a wonderful day.