Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Introverts: How Do We Want To Be Treated?

Previously, I have written something related to how to respect the introverts. Now, l want to sum up additional words of how, we the introverts, want to be treated. I was browsing a lot of articles in the internet and reading several (not too many) books related to the introversion. There may be so many articles suit you best, but Elizabeth Wagele, a writer-cartoonist-musician, fits me best. Below are the tips for the extroverts to treat the introverts. It is not a self-central writing, it might help you guys to gain your  human relationship with introverts, the difficult ones.

  • Ask if now is a good time to talk instead of taking it for granted.
  • Unless you ask some clarifying questions, you often can't tell whether introverts are worried about something, involved in their own thoughts, or you may be left alone. 
  • Treat introverts gently, loud or dramatic expressions of emotion may frighten them. 
  • Think of creative solutions if pacing is a problem. 
  • Respect introverted friends' and family members' wishes if they prefer to be alone in times of stress or sadness. 
  • When introverts opt for a privacy, remember this goes along with their inborn nature and is not necessarily a rejection of you.
  • If you feel let down because your introvert isn't expressive enough, pay more attention to the words that their delivery.
  • Look for nonverbal signs of affection. Introverts are sometimes more comfortable expressing their feelings in writing or by their actions than through speaking. Thus, if you wish they pick up the phone, you may have to wait because the introverts prefer not to pick up the phone unless it's super-urgent.
  • If the introverts go off to watch from the sidelines alone, don't assume they're unhappy. We/are/happy.
  • Don't push them in every kind of way.