Monday, March 12, 2012

Being Introvert: My World Through Typing

There are certain situations that I am not comfortable enough to talk. People communicate in different ways, mine through typing.

I choose to text instead of phone calls. I am not comfortable to talk through phone. I have spent enough energy to talk in person with others, so I try to calm myself down by only texting and be response-less by not picking up my phone as often as I should be. I usually don't receive phone calls, except from the important ones; my family, my boss, my boyfriend, my only closest yet best friends.

When I pick up the phone, I always get nervous. I feel blank and experience sudden foolishness. Sometimes I don't know what to talk and run out of ideas or topics. It would be an awkward moment when there's a long pause because there's no word come out from my mouth.

It explains much when texting is popular because in an overly extroverted society, everyone craves asynchronyous, non-F2F communication, like Susan Cain's manifesto has been written quite well. I wish I could tell people or the whole wide world that I am not good at phone calls. I really want to tell people for not calling me because I will not call you. Please do text me, because I will text you back as a quick response. I do email, I text, I drop messages on Facebook, I do WhatsApp, I will do everything that involves typing and put my self in a very low quota of talking.

If I push my self too hard talking to people in a very long time or I should call people that I don't know personally, you may find me with my migraine in minutes. I am depressed and I run out of energy.

Sadly, maybe I just need to work in a place that doesn't involve phone calls and talking too much like in this PR Agency where I am working now. I got to be honest and I am sorry for telling the truth.

Soon or later, I will find a new job or my own business.

Meanwhile, tahan-tahanin aja.