Monday, March 12, 2012


On a bright sunny Monday, one of my closest colleagues dropped a message on office-comm, it is a sort of office chat platform. (S)he said that one of our newbie colleagues will resign soon. I was curious and asked why is it so fast? Why people seem to have their goal and decide to resign while I am stuck in here?

To make it short, I know that she, yes she is a she, got a full scholarship for two years studying in Europe. She got Erasmus Mundus scholarship, to be clear. I am amazed, how talented and how lucky she is! Studying in Europe is like everyone's dream (I assume). So when I hear about the good news, I feel like awe-ing something.

I have heard such good news like this.

My best friends got scholarship to Europe, Korea, USA, and so forth.
She got married with a foreigner and live in UK now.
He continues his master degree in Australia.
Another one just had her 2 months unpaid-leave to go to Europe and New York.
Sort of.

While one of my friend said to me not longer after the good news, "I feel so insignificant compared to their life story"

Oh yes me too, darling :)

But from my humble experiences, we usually tend to force ourselves to think more about what we should do more and more and more because we see others with their fabulous life traveling around the world and having their great life.

We want to be like them. We should be like them.

A little part of my body and soul, I want to be like them, I should be like them, I need to be like them. 

But that is not the point.

A huge part of my body and soul always reminds me that we should be grateful for what we have in this moment of life. God created us in different purposes. God created us in different meanings. They might be destined to be like that and we have ours :)

We might be destined like them too, to be a traveler or something, but maybe we have our own different time. Maybe not today, maybe not in several months ahead, maybe 2 years later.

I am a full time research executive in the best PR Agency in the world yet I am a piano teacher of my own music school every weekend. I have a plan to marry with a man that have been walking with me since three years ago. I have a plan to buy a house and start my own business with him. I have a plan to develop my own piano school.

Oh we talk about everything. But how if one day God (or Universe or everything you may believe) says that I should go to Singapore for a scholarship in prestigious university that I can't even resist?

So, keep calm, people :)

Don't rush your self to have a sudden plan to have a life like others. We usually tend to be dragged in negative feelings. We are prone to feel insignificant.

What I am doing right now is living my life to the fullest, I know there are complains here and there, we are tired, we have so many challenging obstacles to face in this life, we want to live in someone else's life and so forth. But that is how we manage it, right? We have well-developed brain, better to use it.

Yet, others want to have a life like ours, maybe we just don't realize it.

I have my own faith to God, I don't push you to believe any God in this Universe, it's your choice. But for me, I believe that God has a very good plan for me, my family, and my surroundings.

Dan itu baik adanya. Semua itu baik adanya.

The Almighty God never fail us. One thing for sure.
And put away those insignificant feelings :) You are all great in front of Him.

PS: Below is a very good song to be listened with your burdened heart.

The picture is taken from here.
Thanks for the owner.