Monday, April 30, 2012

Taking Days Off

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One day I told myself for not doing anything with my usual standard. Give myself a break of doing everything perfect and right. I did not do this because I am tired, no. I did this because I give myself a chance to feel lighter than other ordinary days.

I am a perfectionist, chronic. I can't hate myself but some people (I think) don't get used to it and I feel so uncomfortable knowing this, not because I am too worrying what they say, nor because I am too pitying myself but I want they make peace with me regarding this matter.

So last weekend, I did everything... off.

I woke up late.
I slept earlier.
I did not check my social media accounts for almost a week (except Blogspot and Tumblr).
I did not push my rules to my family, my closest ones.
I did not say, "you have to do this, you have to do that"
I did not say, "I should do this, I should do that"
I did not say, "You should practice harder and harder!" to my piano pupils.
I did not say, "It should be 2cm on the right, no, no, it's not precise!"
I did not say, "I have to clean up all of these messy things!"
I did not say, "How can you forget it??"


Enough with this military habits. I need to give myself break and stop being perfectionist in every aspect. I should have personal consideration and awareness of when to apply it and when should I give a break. I need to consider people's condition and not always pushing them to the limit with my own standard.

It is not a matter of how do you want to be treated but how others want to be treated.