Friday, April 27, 2012

Bubble-Balloons And Me

So I got the bubble-balloons with me
When those sparkles things burst out from the inside
Rainbow colors like those colors pencils
I found no gray and black

Please tell me you see them
'Cause what's inside of me is most invisible
Even the sky blue and in the crystal clear view
I am sending the signal to you
I know you're connected with me

Oh my happy faces!
The changes in me
Sunny and rainy days bound together
Oh those my happy days

I break my silence
I grow flower in my heart
I tried and left, they came and went
I got rejected I got accepted

I have worn hundred faces
Nobody sees me

I put this curve on my face
And those butterflies come up and say kind hellos
This one suits me

My days with the bubble-balloons