Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life As An Introvert: Last Moment As A Piano Teacher

I have been teaching classical piano since eight years ago. I had been back and forth teaching my piano pupils. I left Indonesia for a month, months, or a year, but never for good.

And I know I face the reality that I will move to Singapore for good. If you ever know this uneasy feeling when I have to say..

I should leave, Sweetie. I quit. I am still your teacher, contact me any time. I will always reply your messages. I will be around until mid July, just meet me whenever you need me and please don't give me that look.

I am sad. Really sad. This is the most unstable moment for me that any life could give me. I can't even tell anyone how about my feeling. I tried but I just simply can't and no reason about it. I prefer to keep the scratches alone. Yes, I am such a loner and I am pitying myself.

People keep encouraging me that it is about teaching that impacts, not head to head, but heart to heart.

However, I love you, Kiddos. You are always be my pride. I keep our greatest memories in my head and my heart. Keep my words.