Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life As An Introvert: Going To Live Concert

Live in Jakarta | June 5, 2012

One fine midday, my Boss came up with the tickets of Christina Perri Live Concert in Jakarta. I never thought that I will dare enough to go to the live concert. I will tell you why and I hope you understand my feelings.

I can't stand crowds in general. I can handle going to a festival as long as I am not stuck in one spot surrounded by a lot of loud people. I just don't like loudness, it drives me crazy. 

I don't like being in crowded, noisy places, either. I am already quite self-conscious and being in a crowded place, makes my anxiety level go way up, to the point where it is difficult for me to stay in the moment and enjoy myself. I like to enjoy myself in the malls of in the restaurant, but I usually can't do that when I feel uncomfortable with the environment. And it is not just some kids who are loud and obnoxious, there are a lot of adults who act the same way, being loud and imposing themselves on everyone else with their loud laughing, talking, and generally big mouths. 

As an introvert, I know I rely on my internal thoughts and emotions to navigate my way through daily life. On the other hand, people often misread introverts as shy or standoffish. Social interaction, particularly casual and superficial conversation and behavior, is hard work for introverts who lean naturally toward reflection and analysis. 

Introverts do socialize, but they often need time afterward to recoup their energy. 

Introverts gravitate toward solitary pursuits and activities that offer balance between interaction and internal thought. 

So, when I got invitation to go to the concert and it is from my Boss, I should say yes. So, here we go, I prepared my medicine Neuralgin if something worst happens such as migraine. I usually get a severe headache when in crowd places. 

I hope there was nothing went wrong on that day. Honestly, I enjoyed the show, maybe because Christina Perri has smooth songs for my ears and I love her so much. She is pretty and simply gorgeous. I also adore her tattoos all of her body.

Well, I was safe on that day. I have a trick for all the introverts who went to a concert, keep in silence, be an observer from afar, it safes your energy, just simply enjoy the show, and don't ever pick a place like "festival (standing in front of the stage)" every time you go to the concert, you will run out of energy. 

Though I saved my energy by shutting my mouth and less talking. I still ran out of my energy. It was crazy. 

So, that's all. Hope you guys have a great day. Please kindly click here for Christina Perri's concert pictures.