Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It is the time when time and myself mix everything in my head with every vivid details in it. I venture into controversial territory, not only taking the huge step to free my life from gnawing people but also using a language not generally embraced by public intellectuals. I do not care. I speak the most extreme from killing people to vagina. People may won't know me as its best, they don't even know me anymore of how the things have changed.

I know I will be judged by the new people who barely know me for seconds, even mocked. But I tell the truth anyway (how good or bad it is). At this point, I really want to free up my mind, not intellectually fake. I do not see any intelligence in sweet talks. Nevertheless, people will know me behind the scenes through the times, how struggling I am recently and how sparklingly I survive. This is the beginning to build the characteristic of intellectual adventurousness as a part of nourishing my personality.

All I can say is, "Duh".

But, it is not that really a "Duh!", it is an initial step to say, "I let you know it".

Life as an introvert, is not that difficult anymore. It is time to open my heart.