Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love, it is.

I don't justify it because it is February, the month of love when Valentine's day marks it. But I want to talk as much as I could, to share how grateful we have met each other.

I know we will be facing obstacles through our days together. There is no perfect relationship ever exists. Ups and downs. Love hurts anyway. And I am trying not to being naive that I will be everyday-happy with him.


What I am grateful for is, it feels right since the very beginning. It just happened in perfect way for me. He gives me smiles and warm feelings like almost everyday since the day we know each other. Until now. Yes, until now and it is the thing that I think it was impossible back in those years.

It is not. It is possible. Someone can do really make me happy and be loved, like I do it in the same way for him. Others said that "what you do to me depends on how I treat you". But it is not the simple thing like just merely because he loves me, I love him back. It is beyond that, that we want to make each other happy and comfy because we want it so.

This might be the best feeling so far I could have towards one person.

I am happy. It is not overrated. I am simply happy, as simple as it is. I run my days with more fun, barbaric-laughs, witty thoughts, easy life, never take everything too personally, open to each other, honest, and the most important thing is, I give him my trust and he knows I trust him.

Pardon if it's too love-bubbly kind of story because I really enjoy talking about my life right now. It feels like everything falls into its place. I have easier and happier life.

And I know he is always around me and back me up through rollercoaster life.

Until our future dreams come true, I am living my life to the fullest love with him until the peaches grow in the apple tree.