Monday, February 11, 2013

Timun: The Jellyfish

 In every drawing he made for me lies a heart-warming story behind it (well, at least for me). It is not the first time he sent me his drawings. He already made his first shot since couple months ago when we're trying to disclose ourselves each other and became so close since then.

Needless to know, I collect every single drawing eversince and I should have put it in my blog with those happy stories, but you know, it would be too shameful if he read it on that time because he merely was not my boyfriend, but he is, now :)

Long story short, I am very busy with my dissertation and I need to do a lot of research. Sometimes I feel like I want to give up. Sometimes I am on fire to finish everything. Unstable. But through my rough days, he always brings my good mood back to its place with his simple drawing. Maybe for others, it might be childish or whatsoever, but for me, it is not. It is simply what I want, a simple attention but the meaning is quite deep for me. It brings smile to my pale face because simply I know there is this man who cares everything about me in the first place (and he is busy too with his works but still gives me a special time to ponder, fyi). So, it is something that make me love him more and more each day because he always gives small yet cute yet lovable attention that I adore.

So today, we were kinda busy. We had chat but we got a lot of things in our plate. After his office hours, he called me and we talked like almost an hour before he was off to French class. As usual, I asked what was he doing. He answered that he made another drawing for me.

I am always getting the way too excited when he said that he has a drawing for me. And he gave me this because he knows I love any kind of jellyfishes. Initially I don't know what to name this cute blue jellyfish. He said I should name it "Timun" because I like the word "Timun" (in English, it is cucumber or cuke and please don't ask why, I just like saying "Timun").

So, here it is. Timun, the jellyfish. My mood booster and I do love the creator behind this jellyfish, so much ;) Thank you for showering me with your love.