Sunday, February 24, 2013

Midnight Thought

Sometimes I realise that I usually love the one who fit the peculiar voids with me, my hollow wounds. I love to fill the space that the old love left behind.

But somehow the memories brings back all the wounds upon my chest. You know, when everyone's sleeping, you're left alone in this gloomy room, no voice, only the keyboard tapping and the air-conditioner voices. Those wounds come out in a very unexpected way. They give you trauma. It is not about move on or not. I moved on but my head collects all the memories very tidy. 

They say the stronger will forgive and so forth. I think it is not about the stronger or not, it is about how you forget or not. You may don't have any problem again with the one who hurts you but you still have those open wound lies beneath your heart tissue and when people talk about it again, you feel like the knife rip your heart off from the inside. 

I have all the good and bad memories captured in crystal clear in my head. I even know every detail. 

It is very uncomfortable. I feel odd. It is like there is something in my throat that blocks my breath and words. 

Yeah, I know it has been years. I don't like people say that I should forget it, it is not easy as you think. I may chill but I never forget and I don't need your understanding of what I feel, anyway. 

Just don't remind me of those old days. It feels like a first cut. If you don't have any idea of how it feels, don't talk or even give opinion for me. 

Because simply you don't know what I've been through. It is more than just a word "bitter".