Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Ways to Have a Good Day!

As you may have been aware of that I am one of those introvert people alive in this extrovert life. I have my own deals to make myself feel better from tiredness or boredom. And I am sure that you have other ways to make yourself feel better through the rollercoaster life. Below are what I usually do recently to simply think that everything is just superfine. 

  1. Make a playlist of all my favorite songs, old ones I may have totally forgotten but bring back good memories.
  2. Take a walk outside. I find I only start to feel worse and wallow if I let myself melt into my bed and engage in the bad feelings. 
  3. Organise my drawers or closet. It feels good to be productive when you feel like a worthless idiot on the inside. You can look at your clean clothes and feel like a human again.
  4. Eat something decadent. Make an ice cream sundae or so. Eat something pretty! Cupcakes, anything!
  5. Go through your phone and delete anyone you no longer talk to or anyone who sucks and makes your life worse.
  6. Draw. I have a stack of paper and some colored oil paintings for just such an occasion. It's relaxing and fun.
  7. Call my boyfriend, chat with him, laugh with him, meet him! And simply he said that he loves me just make my day.
  8. Get some tattoos. I plan to have one after I graduate this May :P 
  9. Re-read your favourite book. Highlight the passages that make I love it so much so I'll never forget them.
  10. Start watching some quality shows/programming to remind yourself life is worth living and people still make good stuff.
  11. Read everything you can find about your favourite things (fashion, sports, music, etc). 
  12. Being around cuties and fluffiest animal (I choose dogs for some reasons) will brighten my mood.
  13. Write my friends a really nice email. Just an out-of-the-blue "thanks for being so great!" email.
  14. Express my love to my boyfriend by saying sweet things and make him feel so loved. 
  15. Do some yoga poses :P and breathe slowly.
  16. Go on Youtube and watch all the "fail" videos. Being you isn't so bad. Funny though.
  17. Futz around with your hair. Add some color or see what it would look like curly or in a beehive.
  18. Do your make up and dress nicely. 
  19. Eat fruit. Fruit has sugars that can lift my mood. Pineapple and blueberries? Make a smoothie.
  20. Write in my journal, go back and read old entries. Remembered all that stuff I cared about. 
  21. Smile. Even if you don't feel like it, fake it, sometimes moving the muscles in our face activates chemicals in our brains to lift our moods. Smiling when you don't want to can actually help you feel better.
  22. Do your hobbies. Mine are dealing with handicraft, playing piano, reading some good books!
Good day, all.