Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Should You Never Say To Women?

Ha! I got a lot of references from real life yelpers (yes, women!) about this topic. Boys, I found that these statements or questions are prohibited to be hurled to any woman that you chase/like/love/havesexwith. Okay, let me reduce the scope, I talk about the man-woman relationship, not because I am against to gay relationship but I simply do not know how gay relationship works. Pardon. If it goes similar with the things I am talking about below then you may take it as an input.

1. Don't tell women that she can't drive. It means you generalise it that she's included to the bad drivers
She will suddenly have an urge to slap you because simply for several women, they aren't. Plenty of men are terrible drivers and plenty of women are terrible drivers. If most of the women in your life are bad drivers, it is just a really bad example to deal with and don't generalise it to all women you know, especially your loved one ;)

2. Never imply a woman that she is fat!
Even if she IS fat. Don't do it. In any circumstances. It is never okay because women internalise that kind of thing much more than a man will, so if you call her fat, she will remember it for the rest of her life, when she looks herself on the mirror. It will wreck self-esteem because women are taught that being fat is basically the worst thing they can ever be. Maybe they are too sensitive. Maybe they are too much but it is not an excuse for you to be a disrespectful tool. If you want to tease her, find another way. If she really is fat, get a life and find something more worthwhile to talk about. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Okay, Bambi?

3. Don't talk about the women from your past, and especially don't compare your current lady to them
If you find yourself getting ready to break this rule, clamp your mouth shut before it's too late. She will have a very bad day. No woman wants to hear it, even if it's compliment. If any of these statements are part of your normal conversation, drop them immediately:
I've been with a lot of women.
You're hotter than the last girl I dated.
I'm a total stud.
Don't worry. I've been with bigger women than you.

Dear, save that kind of talk for your buddies because ladies definitely have no interest in your conquest.

4. Don't compare your lady to your mother. 
Because.. women tend to have a complicated relationship with their mother-in-law. Second, she may hate your mother but has not told you to spare your feelings. Even if she IS the spitting image of your mommy dearest, never say so. Keep it for yourself. Like forever.

5. Don't talk about how hot/pretty/sexy another woman is.
The girl you're with is the hottest, sexiest person alive on the face of the earth. Okay, so she's obviously not, but she WANTS to feel like you hold her above other women. Even if it's someone completely harmless, like Angelina Jolie, I promise you that your girl doesn't want to hear it.

It will make her insecure. It will make her jealous. Do you really want to have to deal with the behavior that stems from that? No, he?

6. Don't tell her to do anything. 
Ask her like a decent human being. When you act like women are just put on the earth to bring you things and sleep with you, you make her think you're an abusive misogynist who uses aggressive and controlling behavior to distract from the fact that you have a tiny penis.

Be a man. If you want a beer, use your legs and get it yourself. If you want a sandwich, get your butt off of the couch and head to the kitchen. If you really want her to make one for you because she has much better culinary skills, ask her nicely :) She will do it anything for you if you ask nicely, not like she's more inferior than you or simply you just married a maid.

Otherwise, you never deserve to get laid again.

7. Don't call her by someone else's name.
Hahaha. You should know better than this by now. Women like to feel special, and one way to let them know that they mean a lot to you is to call them by their name. It's an easy way to show that you care. It implies that you just know each other for months. If you've been together with your lady like for years and you still get her name wrong, you have serious issue, dude.

But on the flip side, calling her by the wrong name will show you that you care less and you're confusing her for someone else. Not cool! Learn her name and use it correctly. Don't confuse it with your ex(es) or other women, she will say bye bye.

8. If you haven't met her in person, don't ask her to send dirty pictures to you.
In this day and age, far too many men think it's reasonable to request nude pictures prior to a first date. Heck (bloody hell), guys on the internet think it's okay to do this before you've even met in real life.

No, it's not okay. It's incredibly far from okay, actually.

Women have no interest in seeing a picture of your penis before she meets you in person. It's not sexy. Save it for later. Like, you know when you actually know each other.

Voila! Those are the things that women hate to hear from a man she loves/chases/likes. Hope it's useful and don't ruin your relationships with tiny little things.