Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Signs that I'm sleep deprived

  1. I am hungry all the times. I find myself snacking an hour, no, a minute after eating lunch and dinner.
  2. I particularly crave sweets more than usual which is probably to energise my body in lieu of all the sleep I am not getting.
  3. I keep getting colds.
  4. I fall asleep within 5 minutes of going to bed.
  5. Everything irritates me. 
  6. I misplace my things. 
  7. I have become clumsy.
  8. I am more forgetful than usual. 
  9. I am more emotional than usual. 
  10. I have fallen  into short bouts of sleep while sitting in MRT.
  11. My attention span has severely diminished.
  12. My ability to converse with people is barely existent. I speak Indonesian to my Singaporean, European, Chinese, Indian fellows.
  13. Everyone keeps telling me that I look tired. 
  14. Sometimes everyone is right.