Friday, May 3, 2013

Dating an engineer?

These were my thoughts of dating an engineer since years ago when I was a kid.
My dreams of my loveable nerd. Thus, let me share the stereotypes when dating with an engineer.
  1. When you don't hear from them all weekend you don't get worried. You know it's just because they have been at home, gaming in their boxers or do some sports.
  2. They turn every bowling and mini golf date into a lecture on geometric trajectories. 
  3. You want to celebrate Valentines Day on 14 February and they want to celebrate Pi Day on 14 March.
  4. They keep a database of all the restaurants we have been on dates at to maximize cuisine variation. They keep telling you about numbers.
  5. Movie night always leads to an argument: you want a light romantic comedy and they want the latest documentary on building rockets.
  6. When you tell them "words can't express how I feel for you", they suggest that you quantify it mathematically instead. 
  7. You love to act spontaneously, while they need to run a Monte Carlo simulation to determine the optimal course of action. 
  8. They never talk about their feelings and when you tell them it feels like you're dating a robot, they take it as a compliment. 
  9. You don't mind when they tell their friends details about your relationship, because you know they are just reporting what it's like to actually be in a relationship. Provide facts, not exaggerating, not even lessening, they way it is.
  10. When you talk about being together forever they launch into a discussion on the theoretical applications of physical infinity. 

:D Haha, well, after, finally, dating an engineer, not all of above points are true. I miss my hottie engineer.