Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Call To Come Home

Bogor, Indonesia

It is the most intriguing situation when I have deep thought of coming back to Indonesia, my home country. I have been back and forth to several places and the last one, I have been living in Singapore for a straight year to pursue my degree.

It left me with those sleepless nights, branches of thoughts contemplating about coming home or not coming home. Living abroad giving me the most valuable experiences that I never imagine before, meeting new people with different characters, learning new things out of my comfortable zone.

But there is one thing, a call, that have been echoing in my ears to come back to my home country. I know Indonesia is not one of your favourite countries nor one of your dream countries to live in. I know, we have so many complex internal problems within our nation towards social issues, corruption, poverty, and so forth. Controversy.

Those chaotic daily scenes that I took for granted for years living in Jakarta. Those pity faces from beggars, street vendors begging for money and struggling to live in this city. While on the other hand, this country has so many things to offer despite all of the problems.

At this point, I know what is missing for living abroad, far from home. And like they say, the pursue of a greater life abroad has not necessarily made a person entirely happy. I was flitting through several countries so far just to realise that I can unfold, flourish, and thrive living in Jakarta with great offerings.

It is simply a call to come home after all the adventures, perils, and discoveries.

Just to realise how beautiful my life journey is. It is the time I settle down and rest on my old, familiar pillow.

Wish me luck :)