Friday, July 19, 2013

Events That Change Your Personality

We are raised with different environments and for the most part, it affects our personality development. We tend to stay true to them throughout our lives. So many aspects and significant events build our personality and some of them can have such a big impact on us that they can change our personalities.

Here are some major events that can change a person's personality, the way they think, and the way they see the world, for better or for worse:

Overcoming major difficulties
We hear the stories of how people overcome a major illness, endure a traumatic event and make major major changes to the way they live their lives. Being faced with such hard things can shake us to the very core and gives people a mind-altering experience. When people are given second chance, they usually come out with makeover in their personalities.  

Money and Power
Sometimes for the better, but often for worse, money and power have the ability to change people. People often undergo many emotional and personal changes when they inherit a large amount of money and being granted a power. Money often brings out the worst in people, though for some people, money can make people to let out all of the negativity and just to enjoy their newfound wealth, especially if they choose to share it others less fortunate. Same condition when people have power. Having a taste of power when you previously did not have any can prompt people to want more and more and make people forget of the good kind of value.

Power is achieved when someone put their hard work and dedication to their goals, it can have more of positive effects. When someone succeeds, especially at a high level, it has the ability to change who they are. People who used to be lacked confidence can become inspirational and visionary.

Getting hurt
Getting hurt, or shut down, can take a toll on a person, and have a negative effect on their personality. someone who was joyous and free spirited can get beaten down to the point where they become pessimistic. Feeling of getting hurt can make someone feels so hopeless and without a huge turning point, they can be forever in mourning.

Toxic people
Spending time with toxic people can also take a toll on a person's personality. They just simply have bad influence to our lives, particularly if they make us feel ashamed or embarrassed about the way we are. If they mock us down, our personality can change over time to become more like them and less like our true selves.

So, it is needed a true strength of ourselves to cope with our own personality and it is truly our choice how we want to be perceived by others, to be good, or to be bad.

Good luck.