Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Cup of Qualities :)

Looking for a life partner could be very tricky and confusing. I've been always thinking about the qualities that my boyfriend should have. Below are several points of traits or qualities that I can come up to:

I would like him to be carefree and cheerful, even though he's having the roughest time of his life. It takes a lot of strength of someone to be happy at that particular moment and it's something that I wish gradually learn from him.

Intelligence is a big turn on for me. I've always found it interesting and appreciate people who could have deep conversations for hours, without finding it frustrating or lame. I'd really like one who would be all random and tells me about his theory on a new inspiration or anything that just crossed his mind, etc. I want someone who's able to inspire me and open up my mind! All I say is, I love geek :P

I don't know somehow, I find this trait really cute and adorable because it shows how much he doesn't want to lose me. I don't mean all possessive like I can't shake another guy's hand, but in a sense that would be too much for him to bear. Instead of bitching at me for accidentally crossing the border, I'd also like him to be straight forward about it, making me understand the inability to control his feelings if he can't, instead of losing temper, going mad at me or some other things. 

A good heart keeps me feeling safe and secure, and it melts me right down to the core when I see an act of kindness. I wouldn't mind him being kind to other girls, because he would be intelligent enough to know his boundaries and such. I'd really appreciate if he would be able to give constructive criticism in a kind manner as well. Because a bad temper is a big no-no, sarcasm is ridiculous! He would be slow at picking serious fights, because he wouldn't want me to see me get hurt, but I don't mind silly argument :P

I'd really love a guy who's a child at heart, because that means we could do a lot of childish things together and I wouldn't have to hear him say, "Grow Up!" most of the time. Maybe we'd sneak into some kid's playground, you know the one with a lot of small, colourful balls? Yeah, and we're too smart to get caught. Maybe even try to pull a prank on our friends? I'm sure we'd come up with something funny and amazing. 

This trait is very important to me because it takes guts to be honest and come clean. I believe that no one is free from mistakes and we all learn from it, well, at least we try. He should at least tell me about his mistakes. I don't really care about his dark deadly past as long as he's trying his best to learn from it and stay true in front of me. Because that ways he won'e be caught in a pile of lies after lies and be self destructive. 

Of course, as overrated as this trait sounds, but I fancy one who would ask me what's going on when I act out of the ordinary. I'd really appreciate his nurturing gestures as well and his effort to get the beans out of the can. Okay, that sounded weird. 

Yes! I honestly prefers someone who is weird and unique in his own way, because I'm not really sane normal, to be honest. I'd adore someone who is able to relate his weirdness to mine and being able to be comfortable in his skin. I bet he longs the same as I do, for someone to have the ability to understand that beautiful side of him and accepts it. 

I could never love a guy who's cold towards me 24/7. I dream for one to be really sensible and puts an effort to open the door for me or bring me a flower or two. Surprise me with gifts at random times, even if it's not anything expensive like just a simple note, it would certainly brighten up my day. Less is more? Of course, I dig a man who's able to accept my not-so-good side as well as my stupidity and my dumb mistakes. 

Well, those are the treats that I find from him so far. Thus, I fully commit on our relationship by taking it to the next level and realize it into an engagement day!

I can't believe I'm finally engaged :)