Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to escape the friend zone

I went reading my Twitter timeline and some of my friends told their drama on their statuses. Apparently, many of them are trapped in a situation that probably people common say it as friend zone.  Both men and women , of course, have experienced it. You know, when you stuck on your crush for such a long time, either your crush already put their heart for someone else or simply they don't notice you.

So, here are several tips that hopefully can help you to escape the friend zone (from my point of view, I am a woman but you can't generalise my opinion to all women out there)

You're no longer a shoulder to cry on.
The reason you're probably in the friend zone is because you've always been the shoulder for your crush to cry on. When his/her relationships sour, you're always there to pick them up again and offer relationship advice. Stop playing this role, kitties. Be a gentleman and a lady, you're not their doormat with a word "welcome".

If you're still in the friend zone then you're obviously not flirting effectively. You may be too subtle and he or she is not even noticing your will. So, step it up. You may hold their gaze a little longer than you normally would and compliment them to let them know that you think they look great.

Get physical.
It's not like what you think. It sounds scary but if you're too subtle, they don't know! Playfully tap his or her foot with your own. Take a small risk and place your hand on theirs or, if your crush is a female, you can place your hand on her back whilst you're both out at a bar. BUT, don't do this in the first date. We talk about friend zone, don't we? Then you should know each other for a quite time.

Get real dating.
The benefit of being in the friend zone is that you can hang out with them one-on-one without being weird. Bonus. You can make your crush enjoy spending the time with you and this atmosphere can make you realise how great you are with one another.

Earn respect.
There's nothing more attractive than a gentleman, have dignity for yourself, and treat her with all of the respect that she hopes from a partner. Offer her your jacket, be a real man that makes your crush thinks that she feels safe with you. Show her that you have manners and you respect her as a woman, not just as your "mate".

Don't ever. Ever. Ever. Breaking up the happy couple.
It's tricky. You may think to break up this happy couple if one of them is your crush. Don't do it. Envy is an unattractive quality in anyone, so don't let it be! Instead, try to show your crush that even they're in a relationship, they're still important to you. Hard, yes. TRY!

Let's compete!
A little healthy competition has never been bad for anyone. If someone feels as though they could lose something, it all of a sudden becomes more precious to them. You probably make your crush priority, but they've friend zoned you and made you an option. It's time to make new friends. If you begin spending more time with another person of the opposite sex, it's only natural that your crush may become a little jealous. But don't make them super jealous that will only destroy your friendship and any future chance of moving to love zone. Play this card very carefully, dahl.

Absence makes the heart grown fonder. True. Your crush has got used to you always being there, and as a result, they take you for granted. It's only when we notice some distance between those we're close to that we begin to realise just how much their presence means to us.

Make over time!
You don't have to buy the latest fashion in order to make yourself more attractive to your crush. Your crush has probably friend zoned you because they've known you for a long time and they've become very used to who you are as a person. As a result, you may no longer seem exciting to them.
Think of hairstyle, natural yet pretty make up, good attitude. It's time for a fresh change! :)

Say it.
Maybe it's time to say your crush how you feel in the hope that they feel the same way back. Some women don't realise men's gesture whether they like us or not. I know you're freaking out about ruining your friendship, but this really is the last step if all else fails. It's better to risk some embarrassment for the chance of finally dating your love interest. But, I don't think it's a part of embarrassment, it's a part of honesty, people will respect your honesty about your own feeling. Feel the gut.

All fails.
You've tried everything, including telling your crush one but no success. It begins to hard, staying friends with someone who isn't romantically interested in you. By spending time with them constantly, you hurt yourself even more. It's wise to try to remain friends with them, but not to see them or talk to them as often as you usually do. Explain it your crush that you can't help your feelings and it's time for you to move on. It's time for you now to untie those heart strings and to start searching for someone just as attractive to you. There's plenty more fish in the sea, and you deserve to find true love, just like everyone else.

Good luck :)